The Crypt



As most of the nation went to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 6, our BSAA vice president Mike Hilla was busy signing closing documents related to the purchase of our new property. It is not a house. Given the lack of adequate housing on campus available for purchase and the disinterest in living at a substance-free location, the decision was made to purchase 1800 sq. ft. of commercial/office space (located at 315 W. Washington Ave) for meeting, event and storage purposes.

The BSAA began negotiations with the seller this past May and the purchase is the culmination of numerous housing discussions over the last few years with the undergraduate members. In the end, all parties agreed that a common meeting space similar to an Elk’s lodge or Mason’s temple would best meet the organization’s needs.

The space  was purchased along with two nearby parking stalls for $230,000. Jim Gersich from Dimension IV has been hired by the BSAA to design, build and furnish the location, which is currently unfinished. If all goes well, “The Crypt” will be ready for an open house in April to coincide with the annual Parent-Alumni banquet.

At the annual BSAA board planning meeting on Feb. 16, $175,000 was approved for the build-out and furnishing of the space. Our vision of the space is one that meets all of the undergraduate and alumni chapters’ functional and storage needs, while also being presentable and rentable to the general public for meetings. An agreement for such use with the Hyatt Place hotel next door is already in the works.

Below are a few photos of the unfinished space.



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