Sixth annual Steak Night


On Saturday, Feb. 15, 2013, the Badger Skulls Alumni Association and Alpha Theta held our sixth annual steak night event at the Prime Quarter Steak House in Madison. Attendance continues to soar at this increasingly popular event, with more than 50 people coming out to the event. Among the group were undergraduate members, several potential new members and a record 26 alumni of the Alpha Theta Chapter.

The evening has become a signature event for both the BSAA and Alpha Theta, as it provides an excellent opportunity for members and potential new members to connect with alumni over a fantastic steak dinner. As usual, it was filled with reminiscing of years past, and many of the new members in attendance signed their bids to join the chapter.

Alumni in attendance included: Curt Klinkner ’95, Jordan Schelling ’11, Brian Della ’95, Craig Bolyard ’’11, Brian Schaeffer ’’10, Jeremy Sorenson ’’10, Andrew Butts ’’11, Aaron Kirchenberg ’’12, Travis Serebin ‘’12, Ethan Pierick ‘’12, R.P. Petrowski ’’01, Sean Strache ’’98, Dave Wolf ‘’99, Jon Hancock ‘’11, Craig Nelson ‘’99, Dusty Pashouwer ’10, Joe Belmonte ’13, Austin Lemens ’13, Brian Fait ’96, Pro Daulo ’98, Ted Jacobs ’13, Patrick Spiedel ’12, Brian Reeder ’95, Dave Arnott ’95, John Neumann and Penn Vieau ’96.

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Homecoming 2013 & The Crypt

pks homecomeing

Join us before the game for an open house at our new facility, The Crypt (see below), and/or after for a reception at Brickhouse BBQ. Group ticket sales are still available through Stubhub, but are going fast with per ticket prices around $115.

If you are interested in going to the game as part of a group, please contact Craig Bolyard at either 262-515-4597 or as soon as possible.

Crypt Open House

It’s finished! After nearly 10 months and $450,000 our new home is complete. Please join us Saturday, Oct. 12 prior to the Homecoming game for our “Grand Opening.”

The Crypt, located at 315 W. Washington Ave, is a both a formal meeting/conference space and a gathering place for undergraduates and alumni. The board room is web-conference capable and our main activity hall is equipped with a state-of-the-art entertainment system.

We’ll have the game playing on our big screen for anyone who is not planning on attending in-person at Camp Randall. The open house will run through the game followed by a postgame reception at Brickhouse BBQ (above).

The per plate fee and other details about the reception will be communicated via a separate formal invite that should be out soon.

Where’s the Annual Report?

A tremendous amount of effort went into The Crypt build-out project this summer. Luckily, with very few exceptions, the facility was ready for undergraduates by their planning retreat on August 22nd.

The trade-off for this effort unfortunately was the publication of the annual report. A draft version of the document has been produced but currently is being rewritten to include information about The Crypt.

We hope to have the report to you soon. If anyone would like a copy of the key financial information (balance sheet, profit/loss statement, investments) please contact Curt Klinkner at either 608-215-6247 or

Updated: Annual Meeting Info

UPDATE (time/location of meeting now set):

The BSAA annual meeting will take place on Saturday, April 20th in Madison on the University of Wisconsin campus. The annual meeting will be preceded by the spring class initiation ceremony and the parent/alumni banquet.

This year’s banquet will be held at the Overture Center at 11 a.m., with the initiation ceremony to follow at 2 p.m. Upon completion of the ceremony, the BSAA members will reconvene shortly thereafter for the annual meeting at the Student Activity Center again this year located at 333 East  Campus Mall (Old University Square).  Room 3118, start time 4 pm.  NO food or beverages will be provided.

— Banquet: 11 a.m., Overture Center, 201 State Street

— Initiation: 2 p.m., The Crypt, 315 W Washington Ave

— Meeting: 4 p.m., Student Activity Center, 333 E Campus Mall, Room 3118

Updated event times and locations will be circulated via email and posted to the BSAA website at A formal banquet invite also will be mailed later this month.

Association members can submit nominations for the open board seats:

Article III, Section 2 of the association’s by-laws states the number, election, term of office and composition of the BSAA Board of Directors. Each year one-quarter of the existing board seats are up for election. An initial four-year rotation schedule was determined by the Board in 2010 to comply with the by-laws and this year marks the end of the initial rotation schedule. The board seats occupied by Ben Scharff ’95, Brian Fait ’96, and Jordan Schelling ‘11 are up for election. At least one seat will be vacant this year as Brian Fait has decided to not seek re-election. We thank Brother Fait for his dedication and service to Alpha Theta, the BSAA and Phi Kappa Sigma.

Here is the nominations and voting process:

Alpha Theta alumni must first be members of the BSAA to participate in the electoral process. BSAA members must be current with all dues (at least $18.50 in 2009/10, ’11, ’12 and ’13) to participate in the electoral process. Click here to pay your dues through Pay Pal.

Nominations are currently OPEN and can be emailed to Curt Klinkner at or Brian Fait at Nominations will close on Friday, April 5, 2013 at midnight – two weeks prior to the annual meeting.
An email will be sent to all BSAA members on April 6, 2013 listing the slate of nominations and asking members to submit an absentee ballot if they are unable to attend the annual meeting.

Absentee voting will close on April 18, 2013 at midnight – two days prior to the annual meeting. Absentee votes from BSAA members will be printed and counted at the annual meeting. As always, any Alpha Theta alumnus may attend the annual meeting, pay dues and cast a vote.

The other existing board members are:

– Aaron Kirchenberg (seat formerly occupied by Jon Goldstein), Curt Klinkner and Jeremy Sorenson – up for re-election in 2014

– Brian Della, Joe Moidl and Brian Schaeffer – up for re-election in 2015

– Andrew Dolan, Craig Bolyard and Mike Hilla – up for re-election in 2016.

Thank you in advance for your participation in the electoral process.

Fifth Annual Steak Night


On Saturday, Feb. 16, 2013, the Badger Skulls Alumni Association (BSAA) held the fifth annual steak night at the Prime Quarter Steak House in Madison, WI. This year we set an attendance record with 47 people coming out to the event. Among the group were 10 potential new members, 15 undergraduate members, 20 alumni of the Alpha Theta Chapter, and 1 alumnus from the Alpha Nu Chapter (Georgia Tech).

The evening allows members of the chapter and potential new members to connect with alumni, and as usual, it was filled with reminiscing of years past along with stories from more recent memory. While alumni pay for their meal, the BSAA subsidizes the cost for graduating seniors, potential new members and undergraduates who invite a potential new member. There was an opportunity to bid new members, and five new members signed their bids.

Alumni in attendance included: Craig Bolyard ’11, Brian Schaeffer ’10, Curt Klinkner ’95, Ryan Campagna ’12, Morgan Lippitt ’11, Jordan Schelling ’11, Jeremy Sorenson ’10, Andrew Butts ’11, Brian Della ’95, Mike Hilla ‘99, Aaron Kirchenberg ’12, Travis Serebin ‘12, Ethan Pierick ‘12, R.P. Petrowski ’01, Sean Strache ’98, Dave Wolf ‘99, Jon Hancock ‘11, Tim Bero ‘90, Dan McGown ‘92, Craig Nelson ‘99, and Mark Burgess (Alpha Nu) ’09.

There was plenty of steak, potatoes, Texas toast, and cheesecake to go around, so we have a while to digest it before we do it all over next year.

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The Crypt


As most of the nation went to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 6, our BSAA vice president Mike Hilla was busy signing closing documents related to the purchase of our new property. It is not a house. Given the lack of adequate housing on campus available for purchase and the disinterest in living at a substance-free location, the decision was made to purchase 1800 sq. ft. of commercial/office space (located at 315 W. Washington Ave) for meeting, event and storage purposes.

The BSAA began negotiations with the seller this past May and the purchase is the culmination of numerous housing discussions over the last few years with the undergraduate members. In the end, all parties agreed that a common meeting space similar to an Elk’s lodge or Mason’s temple would best meet the organization’s needs.

The space  was purchased along with two nearby parking stalls for $230,000. Jim Gersich from Dimension IV has been hired by the BSAA to design, build and furnish the location, which is currently unfinished. If all goes well, “The Crypt” will be ready for an open house in April to coincide with the annual Parent-Alumni banquet.

At the annual BSAA board planning meeting on Feb. 16, $175,000 was approved for the build-out and furnishing of the space. Our vision of the space is one that meets all of the undergraduate and alumni chapters’ functional and storage needs, while also being presentable and rentable to the general public for meetings. An agreement for such use with the Hyatt Place hotel next door is already in the works.