Fifth Annual Steak Night


On Saturday, Feb. 16, 2013, the Badger Skulls Alumni Association (BSAA) held the fifth annual steak night at the Prime Quarter Steak House in Madison, WI. This year we set an attendance record with 47 people coming out to the event. Among the group were 10 potential new members, 15 undergraduate members, 20 alumni of the Alpha Theta Chapter, and 1 alumnus from the Alpha Nu Chapter (Georgia Tech).

The evening allows members of the chapter and potential new members to connect with alumni, and as usual, it was filled with reminiscing of years past along with stories from more recent memory. While alumni pay for their meal, the BSAA subsidizes the cost for graduating seniors, potential new members and undergraduates who invite a potential new member. There was an opportunity to bid new members, and five new members signed their bids.

Alumni in attendance included: Craig Bolyard ’11, Brian Schaeffer ’10, Curt Klinkner ’95, Ryan Campagna ’12, Morgan Lippitt ’11, Jordan Schelling ’11, Jeremy Sorenson ’10, Andrew Butts ’11, Brian Della ’95, Mike Hilla ‘99, Aaron Kirchenberg ’12, Travis Serebin ‘12, Ethan Pierick ‘12, R.P. Petrowski ’01, Sean Strache ’98, Dave Wolf ‘99, Jon Hancock ‘11, Tim Bero ‘90, Dan McGown ‘92, Craig Nelson ‘99, and Mark Burgess (Alpha Nu) ’09.

There was plenty of steak, potatoes, Texas toast, and cheesecake to go around, so we have a while to digest it before we do it all over next year.

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