At our annual planning meeting, the BSAA board laid out a number areas in which either the alumni or undergraduate chapters needed to improve. Among those, we targeted Homecoming as a weakness for both parties.

So the BSAA and Alpha Theta teamed-up this year to step up the Homecoming festivities by renting the third floor of the Brickhouse BBQ restaurant, located at 408 W. Gorham St.  About 40 alumni, actives, new members and parents were treated to a post game gathering featuring an open buffet of pulled pork, blackened catfish and roasted chicken along with a variety of sides.

Even though the Badgers lost to Michigan State 16-13,everybody’s spirits were lifted by the camaraderie and brotherhood. The venue exceeded expectations and has been given renewed consideration for the annual Parent-Alumni banquet in the spring.

Likewise, the improved homecoming festivities — which also included a pre game tailgate on Bassett Street — were an excellent addition to alumni-undergraduate relations


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